Home Style

LED Homestyle is yet another reason why you don’t have to travel south for the products you need

The LED Homestyle offer is one we’ve been building over the last few years, and we’re now to a point that we really can say to the people of Caithness that there is so much they don’t have to travel south for, or pay those inflated delivery costs having ordered online from companies in the south.

Lighting, mirrors, toasters, kettles, irons, vacuum cleaners, fireplaces and heating, home accessories – you’ll find them all here

 Whether it’s that stylish mirror to brighten up your hallway or a replacement kettle because the old one packed up at breakfast time this morning, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our Thurso store. Or you can browse on this website and order online.

Family run so we know what you need

LED Homestyle is part of LED Scotland – a family owned and run business. Julie Bremner is one half of this husband and wife team, and she heads-up the Homestyle part of the business. So Julie and her assistant Sarah will be on hand to help you with anything you need.

If we don’t have it we’ll get it!

Although we have a large showroom and shop and we’ve endeavoured to fill it with as many products for the home as possible, we would of course need a massive department store to stock everything. So we get around this problem by having arrangements in place with all our suppliers, which allows us to order in special items as and when needed. So it might be a particular model of vacuum cleaner you want or a certain style of light fitting, but in all cases we’re able to quickly order it for you.